Why Should I Clean My Coffee Maker Often

March 4, 2011

Cleaning a coffee maker daily is boring but if you  run cleaning cycles every week  and descale it every 3 months, your coffee maker life will be longer.

Even the best coffee maker, best grinder and best coffee beans all combined could not make the best espresso, if your coffee maker is sitting in rancid oils and stale milk.

You should know of course that a good crema on the finest espresso comes from the essential oils in the beans.  Logically that mean the oils are also present inside the machine when you make your coffee.

These kind of oils will emulsify over time and hang on to the water screen, the filter basket and portafilter. They will turn bad and develop a smell that will go into your espresso every time you make one.

There will be some milk residue on the steam wand and in the nozzle every time you use it.  If you do nothing, milk turn sour very quickly and will become a sticky layer of white.

That´s the main reason I clean my coffee maker very regularly, but there is another reason as well. Coffee makers, just like any other inventions that man made to make life better, need to be serviced and maintained to preserve its lifespan.

Treat your coffee maker well and it will serve you for many years.

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